Seller Information
Sellers pay commission of 10% of hammer price and 50p per lot.
Sellers sells three lots with a hammer price of £4, £5 and £45 = £54.
  • The Seller receives £54 less commission £5.40 less lot fee £1.50 = £47.10
Description: Sellers are responsible for the accurate description of their lots on the listing sheet. We will give guidance.
Reserves: You can have reserves and there is no charge. We will give advice on reserves. Sellers need to balance the reserve price against the costs and time they will incur if the item fails to sell and has to be resold elsewhere. Reserves below £10 are pointless in our opinion. Prices paid at repeat auction programmes on TV do not reflect the current market. Some items sell for a third of what they did 3 years ago because the market has become swamped with this sort of item. If a buyer asks for the reserve we inform them (at catalogued auctions this is revealed in the estimate). Your reserve can put bidders off.
Lot number: Are assigned by viewing commences.

Name, address and telephone number: Please identify yourself.

Leave the listing sheet with your lots. Valuable small items can be left in the display cabinets. Please discuss this with a member of staff.

  • All unsold lots have to be collected by the close of the auction or soon after.
  • Auctions in a Day does not provide any storage facilities at it's auction sites.
  • Good not collected will be disposed of by Auctions in a Day.
  • The closing time of the auction is related to the number of lots 300(16:30ish) - 500 (18:00ish)
  • Lots can be delivered on the day of the auction from 09:30 to 11:30.
  • We photograph all lots for display during the auction. We need to do this in lot order as there is no time for editing.
  • Lots not present may be moved to later on in the auction.
  • The later lots are delivered, the later they will be in the auction.
  • Tables can be prebooked by phoning Claire at the number at the top of this page.

Lots may be rejected if:
  • There is no space left.
  • The number of lots has exceeded the time we have available for the sale.
  • We do not believe they will sell.
  • It's illegal for them to be sold at auction.
  • If we believe they are unsuitable for our auction.
These are assigned during the morning, so that all items have a lot number by the viewing start time of 12:30
No catalogue is published.
Give them some space.
  • Don't collect your unsold lots until the porters are a few feet away.
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